Logic Pro 9 Logic fading out quickly, needs a "transport reset" to wake up


I've used Logic for many years but never experienced this before.

Running a few software instruments and a couple of fx plugins.

From time to time (haven't really found a pattern yet) when I play on the software instruments Logic (all channels not just the current plugin) suddenly fades out quickly, meters are still active but no sound. It happens both when transport is running and not. If I start/stop transport (or vice versa) sound comes back. No overload message is shown.

I have a lot of midi CC input giong on since I use an external controller to edit my software instruments. Other than that it's a very tiny project.

Anyone who've experienced this?

I use
Minky Starshine

Logic 9.1.3
Mac OS 10.6.4
Mac Book Pro 2.2 GHz
Just a stab in the dark here, but next time this happens - check the status of your "Master" fader (not the Stereo Out fader). Maybe with all the CC messages and external controller interactions, the actual "Master" output object is somehow inadvertently being affected. This would explain seeing the meters jumping but the volume decreasing.
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Hello oortone, are you using an aggregate device? If so see if you can set up your audio/MIDI interface in the Sound panel of the OS X preferences and in the audio/MIDI set up, I had lots of trouble with these two components not remembering their own settings and everything had to be re constructed as I turn my Macs off at night, only to find the next day a different configuration. But since stopping with the aggregate device all seems to work OK.
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