Logic Pro X Logic for live loop triggering?



I'm hoping to use logic on my laptop to trigger loops for a live show with my midi foot controller. I think in the previous version of logic there was a separate application for that purpose. Is there an easy way to set this up in lpx?


Orren Merton

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It can be done, sure. But you know what? You'll be way happier spending the $29.99 and buying Mainstage, which is Apple's "daughter app" to Logic Pro that is specifically designed for playing live. It has all of Logics built-in effects and channel strips, presets and patches, and its got loopers and everything else you'll need to set up a rig that you can trigger however you want.

I believe there's even some "in action" videos of how Trent Reznor uses Mainstage live with Nine Inch Nails on Apple's site.

It's really a fantastic companion to Logic and for $30 its cheaper than a plug-in!

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Per Boysen

I agree, MS is awesome! For the function you're talking about you should look for the Playback plugin on an instrument CHannel Strip. Another plugin called Loopback lets you make loops on the fly (and stop them and trigger again, even save as audio file to be used with Playback in future sessions)
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