Logic Pro 9 Logic for live playing

Uwe Rodi

Hi together,
I use Logic Pro 8 for Live-Performance with a musical show (just a complex enviroment with many transformers to use my control pedals in many different ways). Now want to record a human choir and play the audio file to our live performance. Therefor I have to use a seperate click track (the choir begins in the middle of the song). The song begins with an open length Intro part (without drums and without click). My idea was to start the playback while we play the intro.
Now the problem:
When the sequencer starts all keyboard-sounds (exs24, hypersonic2 and external clavia nord electro) seem to get a note off event, in other words my spacy pad soud stops.
On another song I start an audiofile between two songs (athmo of ravens). The file stops in the middle of the song. I made a stop event in logic after the end of the audio file. Same problem here, all sustaned notes stop playing.
Greetings Uwe
Hi Uwe, here are some quick ideas:

1) Put the human choir recording as a (very long) sample in the EXS24. Then you can start it at any time by playing a note or by a quantized MIDI region in Logic. If you want to start the choir where there is no rhythm you can set up a MIDI region with a quantized note. Keep the MIDI region muted and unmute it it to start the choir in sync with the music that is going to come in later.

2) Run Logic in cycle mode over a silent part instead of stopping the sequencer. The release cycle mode instead of starting the sequncer. This will make your environment stuff work as usual and not All Notes Off command will be sent out to your external MIDI devices.
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