Logic Pro 9 LOGIC FREEZES when I create new instr in exs


Does anyone else have this problem?
I am going NUTS! As soon as I hit "create new instrument" in an empty exs ye olde beach ball starts spinnin'.....and it keeps spinnin......annd ...spinnin'

It's totally nuts and I want to kill the computer with an axe...does anyone know what to do about it?
I am on 10.5.8 and on Logic 9.1.3
Actually, because I was typing this while the ball kept spinning I just realized it UN-froze after a while! So it seems to work...I just have to wait 2 minutes for it to stop spinning.....
Hi and thx for the idea with repairing permissions. I never remember to "go there first" when I have problems.
I transferred a lot of stuff from my old comp via harddrive to my new computer. Very possible that some of it was placed in a bad place. The thing is I didn't have any problems with it before I updated from 9.2.x to 9.3.1...
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