Logic Pro 9 Logic Install length of time


I install Logic on a lot of Macs. Sometimes it takes ~2 hours. Sometimes ~8 hours.

Today I am installing Logic simultaneously on 2 exactly identical new iMacs with the exact OS (10.64) etc....

I start the installs at the same time. Same set of install criteria (default). Different serial numbers of course.

The first disc takes 90 minutes on iMac#1 and 30 minutes on iMac#2. Each subsequent disc takes way longer on iMac#1 compared to iMac#2. In fact, 3 hours later iMac#1 is only on the 3rd disc but iMac#2 is done all 8 discs.

Previously I thought the difference in time was because other stuff was different (different computer, optical drive, OS, speed etc...). But now it seems arbitrary.

What is the thing that causes there to be a difference in install time?
Bad DVD drive in iMac #1? I can imagine a drive that drops bytes and has to keep going back to pick them up could still pass QC because it always succeeds in the end owing to error-detection and correction. Just a theory.
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D'oh, I just checked and the slow install iMac has an LG drive. The fast install iMac has a Pioneer drive. We're calling Apple to get a replacement. Hopefully the problem is really that simple. All this time and we've gotten Macs in that randomly have different drives (even though the spec on the box is identical).

The LG drive is about 1/8th the speed of the Pioneer one!
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Hmm. The new Quad Xeon you guys just sold me has an LG drive, and Logic installed in about 2-3 hours, so I guess mine is up to spec. Worries me though - I have come to suspect LG stands for Lame Gadget. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on it.
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I have seen times from 1/2 hour from disc images (that's how I do installs) to 2.5 with DVD drives and up to about 8 hours.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why the variety of times. It can be the same Mac model, the fastest Mac can be slow and an old G4 or G5 can be faster.

I made disc images on a PC with x 22x DVD and that was a pretty fast way to make disc images, then used those since. in fact, i just upgraded my EXS factory samples library yesterday and it took about 5 to 10 minutes... I remember that taking about 2 hours off DVD's when I did it at a clients before I made the images.

IF anyone can figure this out, let me/us know... it IS a mystery ;-)
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