Logic Pro X logic internal plugins sluggish interface

For a while now, I have a problem with the internal logic plugins: the graphical interface of the plugins has become very slow: if you click on a preset, it takes a while for the little color wheel to appear, and After a while the preset is loaded. If you try to recover the list of presets to select the same thing happens, after the click, the color wheel appears, and then, after a time, the menu appears.
This occurs with both LPX 10.3.3, LPX 10.4.1 and LPX 10.4.2.
I have tried to delete the preferences files, but everything remains the same.
This only happens with the plugins of Logic, with the AU plugins everything goes normal.
Any suggestions to solve the problem?
Well, problem solved: I´ve created a instance of Logic Alchemy synth plugin: I was editing a patch an I´ve changed the preset: Alchemy Says "Refreshing Library": it take a lot, but finally end. After I exited of Alchemy user interface, and miraculously the GUI of the Logic Plugins works fine now: no slugginess.