Logic iPad remote and compatibility


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I've looked through this forum and in other places but can't find anything recent about the different versions of the iPad Logic remote app. I really want to buy a cheap old iPad and connect it to my latest (recently updated) version of Logic Pro X. I want to use the iPad only for this purpose, just so I can track myself and make punches and minor changes from across the room without having to keep running to the keyboard and hit 'R' etc. I don't care if it has a fast processor, just that it can control my machine, you get the idea I hope.

The app store says the Logic remote app requires iOS 11 or later, and, just for a point of reference, I'm looking at these iPads https://www.woot.com/category/computers/tablets?ref=w_cnt_cdet_pc_6
and trying to figure out which of them will support iOS11 by cross-referencing with this list https://www.techradar.com/news/ios-11-compatibility-list-does-it-work-with-your-iphone-and-ipad

but it all seems very difficult to figure out which year is which machine, and before I go down a deep dark hole, my simple question is whether it may actually work on an older ipad but with limited functionality or maybe with no support, or another possibility is that there are older versions of the iPad remote app floating around that I could download from somewhere other than the app store. and get one of those older versions still conversing with my LPX desktop app.

Does anyone have experience with this? If it means buying a full-price iPad that I have no other use for, then it's not worth it for me. Or maybe someone has a suggestion about an alternative solution? I did try using TeamViewer with the LPX desktop and an Android tablet, but it's clunky and seems like it's not worth the trouble.