Logic Pro 8 Logic just stopped playing


I was just in the middle of working on a beat and suddenly my beat stopped playing. Now, when i press spacebar it will only play the first note of wherever the i am at on the song. If I double click my mouse to get it to play it does the same thing, only plays the 1st note of wherever I double clicked. If I hit the play button on the transport, down at the buttom, it does the same thing, only plays the first note and then won't play.

Is this a bug or has anyone heard of this happening? I might have just hit the wrong button hopefully?

Also, I just noticed that in record mode it'll play fine. But as soon as I try to listen to the song without record mode on, it stops. Is this strange to anyone else??

shoot I have even worse news, this happens in all my other beats too, not just the beat I was working in. None of my beats will play, which means my problem is probably terrible. Can anyone help me?
Thanks a ton!

oh i closed out logic completely from the bottom of my mac and then opened up the beat again and it worked but shoot that was scary!