Logic keeps rescanning all Waves plugins (AUs) every time I open Logic


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Hello guys,
I have an issue with my Logic lately, I updated my Waves plugins to Waves V12. Now Logic keeps always rescanning all Waves plugins (Audio Units) after I start Logic, i tried to reinstall the old waves version but I also have the problem with the rescanning after I start Logic.
Maybe someone experience the same issue and can help me with that. It’s a bit annoying because it always takes like 10-15 minutes everytime I start Logic.
Thx for you help.


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I had the sam issue. I discovered that the problem occured due to my V9 Plug-Ins. I first deinstalled them and then checked, wheter Logic would do the same thing but it didn't (just one – the first – time). Then updated all V9 Plug-Ins to V12, as you did, and it's working.

Did you check whether you still have the V9-WaveShell in your Components-Folder? MacintoshHD>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components

Kind regards


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Thx for your answer,
in the meantime I contacted waves support and it was because of the waveshells and files of the previous updates in the components folder as you’ve said. I deleted them and installed the latest version again and now everything is fine