Logic Pro 9 logic key command to select certain track?

logic pro 9. i have a bass track, and i need to select it with a key command no matter what other track i'm working with at the time. can't figure it out... thanks for any help.
Logic doesn't have this functionality. The closest is using the select next track and select previous track commands (defaults to down and up arrows).

You can do this with a control surface however.
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hmmm.. what about a key command to move and reorder a track up/down in the arrange area?

sometimes i feel like logic was made by gods, other times by cavemen...
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I must say that isn't a very common need, I'm curious what your workflow is that you require this? If you had a control surface you would essentially have this because you can grab the bass fader, or push the bass track select button. The Euphonix controllers will let you permanently set a fader to the bass track if you want. But for key commands to select specific tracks - I can't say that I've seen any DAW do this.
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I'm on Bob's side :)

If you want to re-arrange your track order why don't you just grab the required track and drag it to whichever position you want it in? (that's do-able)

Then you can use select previous/next key command as per Eli's suggestion.

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A second keyboard as a controller just aint gonna give you more than your MBP mouse/keyboard in any DAW
Pony up for a controller of any kind,for sure,the Euphonix would be stellar but maybe those tiny Korgs would be worth a look.
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