Logic Pro 9 Logic + Keyboard Synth


I purchased my first Synth and I am having issues figuring out how to get sounds from my synth to Logic 9. Basically I want to play the sounds that are on the synth and have them record into Logic and if possible be able to edit notes from the recorded sounds once they are in Logic.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Logic 9
Yamaha MM6
Connect both your midi and audio connections from your synth to your audio and midi interfaces (or directly to your computer - depending on what midi and audio hardware you may be using). You can then record the MIDI data into Logic on an external MIDI track so that it is in a state where it is available for editing. When you want to finalize it and convert it into audio you can bounce the track to audio.

If you want to record as audio straight in from your synth you can easily do that on an audio track. But your editing options will be greatly limited. You won't be able to actually edit the "notes" and will have to deal with the audio file as a whole. Which is fine if it's basic cut copy paste type of editing that you are looking for. But not so good for more nuanced editing of the actual part.
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