Logic Pro 9 logic meter (Peak\RMS)


Just a short metering issue in Logic - is it still exists somewhere or disappoint me in reverse)

so, the question is simple enough - is it possible somehow to toggle between different measurment systems in a mixer. Actually, I need to keep an eye from time to time on my RMS levels while mixing (the logic meter is set to Peak by default =) So, what is the most simple ways of doing it?

not asking about VU\PPM meters just bacause they're from analog world) but would be glad to discover if this feature is also exist)

Thanx, guys, in advance


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As an alternative, the Sonalksis FreeG plugin shows peak and RMS at the same time. Also a great price...


"measurment systems in a MIXER"

so, your answers are not the thing I was posting this for

anyway, looking for anyone's else reply


Ok, the thread could be closed.
The answer is NO (just in case someone is still searching for a solution=)

But yea, Sonalksis FreeG is a good stuff to analize the mix from time to time and great for mastering as well)

good luck to everyone


Slightly OT, but under Preferences->Display->Mixer, you can find an option for metering in an exponential scale vs. a "sectional db-linear" scale. The latter shows a more even distribution at lower levels, whereas the former gives more detail at the hottest levels, giving short shrift to quieter mixing levels. You can right/control click on the numbering at the left of the meter as well. Of course still not Peak vs. RMS.


Thanx, jonperl!
Ye, found that button. Been really digging a lot logic's mixer, so this feature just couldn't escape my attention)
anyway, thanx for sharing your thoughts