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Ok I know this is a rookie type question but i do need some help and this seems like the place.. Any efforts would be greatly appreciated..

Deal: I am trying to connect my MicroKorg to Logic Studio via a Tascam 122L midi/audio interface.. Midi cables are in.. Verified connectivity (receiving signal) through another Korg program.

Issue: Really my problem i believe is the Environment window in Logic.. I have looked through many videos on you tube but I still can't get it to work accordingly as per the instructions.. I receive the midi notes but cannot for the life of me get the crazy sounds out of the Korg to play as is in Logic..

Is there anyone in here that may be able to pencil me in step by step as to how I should be connecting the dots in the environment window??
If so please be detailed in your instruction as I also have to do the same for an MPC 1000..

This thing is driving me to drink!!

Sorry guys I used to build show cars for a living.. lol.. Only now getting back to my roots and will be the 1st to admit I need some help.