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Hi Folks
Non-technical 'User' here...finally got a 16/18? channel Mixer that works with ULN2 with 2D and Logic 9. This avoids messing with Outputs or creating Mono Tracks in the Environment - you can have any combination of Mono or Stereo Channels/Tracks with MH Plug-ins subject to the Firewire 1-18 limit. It merely involves adding I/O Plug-in to each Logic track and configuring Outputs and Inputs to match Channels created in MH console using 'Configure Mixer' from 'Mixer' menu.
The MAIN issue preventing me following the fairly simple Logic setup guide on the MH site was that SOLO in Logic does not work re MIO console -i.e. Channelstrip etc don't do anything - otherwise it is fine - I guess the only thing to watch is not setting the Logic I/O Plug-in to the same Output and Input. Just use 'Configure Mixer'...
SO...I'd appreciate anyone 'Correcting' or 'Improving' my attempt that works thus far - I've attached the Console file. There may be some glaring errors etc..BUT my mixes are starting to sound much better i think...I'm addicted to SoftSat at present and hence am wildly overusing it - anything to get that Vinyl/Analogue sound


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Hi Andy,
A couple of things:
1) If you upgrade to Logic 9, you have mono bus assignments.
2) You have way too much dsp being used for what you're doing. You can eliminate quite a few busses; look at how I've reassigned the FW channels to the direct outs.

I'm not sure what the solo issue is. Can you elaborate?


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Thanks for that, Allen...a lot simpler!

Re: Mono - I saw earlier posts but I guess it's now straighforward in Logic 9.

Re: Solo - this discussion seems to highlight the issue I was having: http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=47374&sid=ebe560207fb7076e2245890ff7ba7689
- Some stuff about 'Solo Safe' whatever that is - anyway I had a lot of frustration following the MH Logic FAQ - i.e. nothing was happening because I had the Logic Track I was trying to link to Console (using I/O) in Solo in Logic - some minor bug in Logic?. When I took it out of Solo everything seemed to work fine and I was able to easily set up the Mixer I posted. I just Mute tracks for now instead of Soloing - am I doing something wrong?

A thought: It might be really useful to have a Logic Template (or two) like mine but properly setup, readily available in Console or on the Support site as there seems to be a bit of confusion out there for the average non-technical Logic user?
Just to repeat - the difference in Sound Quality using Console and routing directly thru the 2d(?) is remarkable. I am very happy...


Just a quick note re Solo in Logic - the problem occurs when I click 'S' on a track (i.e. I/O stops working in Solo mode) but NOT when I type 'S'.
So that sort of solves it but could confuse the unaware...
Andyl, thanks for that tip!! I have been figuring out how to solo a track while routing through the DSP, I have been muting all other tracks like you, I will check out the "s", sweeeeeet.