Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic Modem & Printer Midi Ports in physical input?


I noticed that in the Logic 6 on OS9 in the environment that there are Printer and Modem midi ports showing up on the physical input object. They're labeled P1-P32 and M1-M32. Those 64 ports fill up so much of the physical input object that I can't even see my actual midi interfaces below it.

I thought it might be OMS so I tried disabling it, but they still show up so it must be a part of the system itself. I also went into the extensions manager and disabled all of the printer/modem stuff that I could find but they still show up. I'd like to remove them.

As a bonus question, when you've got OMS disabled, your midi ports show up as USB 01 - USB 08. When OMS is enabled it takes the names from the OMS setup. Is there a way to change the name of the ports in the system itself so I can label them for when I'm not using OMS?

In XP you go to Device Manager, go to your midi interface and click Properties and you can change the names of them there. I wonder if there's a similar way in OS9.