Logic Pro 8 Logic Multi Instrument Setup


I have a Logic setup I'm doing for someone and working the environment for their Yamaha DGX 205.

I have a Multi instr. which I've set up the GDX205 drum kits for.

I'm wonderin if I can route the kits from the multi instr through mapped instruments for them.

These guys like to work with mapped instr for their kits so I'm trying to perservere for them.

I tried first to just setup a mapped instr with the prog changes but the DGX isn't accepting them (well most all of them) and I can't define custom bank message changes for a mapped instr that I can figure!.

So I have tried using a multi instrument and doing custom bank message changes which works for the multi but as soon as I'm connecting mapped instruments to the multi I get varying degrees of success with being able to select the kits in the arrange window. Sometimes I get the correct sounds when I select a kit but other times it remains on the last selected kit sounds.
This seems to me to be a conflict with my environment cabling???????

Maybe 2:00 AM is getting the better of me today and I'm not thinkin' straight no more!

I'm not too sure of the correct way to cable this and define the port settings.
Do I cable say from the multi instr bank1 to the mapped and make sure the multi instr & the mapped instr are both set to chan 1 for bank 1.
Is that all I should need to do?
I says "the port channel is set" I think, so do I tell it to ignore, delete, continue???????

Do I just need to make a multi instr for each kit and initialise say bank 1 then do the custom bank message job for that kit then run the multi through a mapped instr?

If I tell them that they can just select the Multi in the Arrange widow and then change the channel# to get whatever kit they want I know they're gonna have me :)

I'm guessing these guys I'm setting up for want to use their gear for scoring hence they want the mapped instr. They can rename the kit sounds in the mapped instr to what they actually are beside the piano note in the mapped instr window.

This probably sounds rambling..... maybe it is but after bein' up all night it's bound to be.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.


Silver Pine Digital

New Zealand