Logic Pro 8 Logic not running properly!


I was wondering if anyone can help me out with some logic issues i seem to be having.
logic (8.0.2) was running well but now it seems to be doing wierd things first the automation wasn't working properlly then i upgraded to 8.0.2, that seemed to fix that specific problem but now i have a whole bunch other problems, mind you this is coming off the back of me having to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything because it completly went banannas so i would of thought that doing so would of fixed all,

Problems include not being able to see the affects in the inspector window and having to use my mixer window, command z (undo) not working peoperly (as it used), and sometimes the automation will play up, there are loads more but i cant really describe them with out sounding like a retard.

I am using leopard 10.5.2 So i was wondering if maybe thats the problem maybe need to upgrade afew digits?

as mentioned it was working great for like 1 and a half years but now its just wierd?

are there any specific upgrades that can medicate this problem?

Any feed back would be great, thanks.


Problems include not being able to see the affects in the inspector window and having to use my mixer window, command z (undo) not working peoperly (as it used), and sometimes the automation will play up, there are loads more but i cant really describe them with out sounding like a retard.

If you are looking for help then you really need to give us as much detail as possible about the problems you are experiencing, otherwise there is little can be said other than "I feel your pain, help yourself to all the sympathy the forum can provide, but, please post some details". As a guide to the sort of info which can be useful, have a look at the wishlist/bug report guidelines

The issue with the inspector window sounds like you may have the wrong channel strip selected

I am using leopard 10.5.2 So i was wondering if maybe thats the problem maybe need to upgrade afew digits?

10.5.8 is the most recent version of Leopard, it works well here. FWIW, I waited until 10.5.3 before moving on from Tiger to Leopard, AFAIR there were some teething problems with the first Leopard releases.

are there any specific upgrades that can medicate this problem?

Which problem? As I mentioned, you need to be very specific.

kind regards

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The First thing that happened is that certain tracks were not outputing any audio, I noticed that the little Circle under the input meter (the thing that you click and it changes the track to stereo/mono I have taken a bunch of screen shots but i cant see anywhere i can add them on this forum) had vanished, so i had to then duplicate the track (command D) to retain all my data,effects, automation.
I had to duplicate the track about 15 odd times until one came up with that circle then i'd delete all the doggy tracks, drag my region down to the new Good track and then delete the original track, in all honesty i could not see anything that would of caused this as i was just working as normal, it would only happen when i stopped the song then went to play it again i don't recall this happening on the fly (there were loads of other things that happened but i cant recall as this particular incident was a few months ago and i did not record the steps as i did not really think there was any need, as i realize there is a need, but i will next time as there will be a next time)

then another, may i say prolific course of events were as follows
Once i had done all of what i just mentioned as above, i would be working along and tracks would suddenly sound wrong, so what i figured is that certain tracks were copying each other e.g. say i turn the ratio up on track X then the ratio on track Y would then copy track X's ratio, same with eq if i made some major ajustments to the eq on track X then Track Y would copy which means that unless i saved with in the minute track Y's settings were lost (and more coffee needed:brkwl:).
I tried other sessions out to see if the same problems occur and they were as equally Bugged out.
Also another course of events is that occasionally the whole inspector area of one particular track would go blank e.g. all of my effects, track settings, just imagine a blank inspector with sort of code writing i forget exactly what it said but an example is it would of said U34x thats just an example though (how fun).
So at this point i called it Quits and wiped my whole hard drive and reinstalled everything Leopard, logic, drivers etc

After doing so everything seemed to be running fine.
But i was wrong because i noticed that, say I 1. edited some automation data 2. deleted a region 3. added an effect (e.g. Exciter) then changed my mind about all 3 event when i would undo all 3 (by command/z)
the automation data would undo as did the region i deleted but the effect i just assigned would skip the undo process, now call me crazy but im sure that it would be written in the code of logic to just undo and its not an option its an event and it acts like an event when undone, because it worked before i re formated my hard drive, i do understand that some events don't undo i.e. track volume etc etc but this worked before.
And the most recent thing that happened is that the automation stopped working, say assigned the exiter to Mr track 1 and automated the harmonics dial from X to Y it just would not work, same thing with volume automation data it just would not read
And before it stopped working completely the automation data would act before its time, e.g. say i had a compressor assigned and i had automated the ratio to go from 1.1 to 4.1 starting at bar 1 and arriving at 4.1 at bar 4, it would do all of this alot quicker so say it would get to 4.1 one on bar 2, once again call me crazy but i swear i've never had it do this like this before its always been perfect.
If there are any grey areas then just say so and i'll fill in what i can but i hope that is sufficient, i have given a list of my very basic setup below

leopard 10.5.2
Logic 8.0.2

Ua-25 driver for mac ua25_mx5d_v222 2
Um3 usb driver for mac

Intel GMA X3100 (144MB)

Yamaha cp33 Stage paino
Boss DR-880
edirol UA-25
edirol UM-3EX

.external hard drive.
Laci Quadra drive 320 gig
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The photo of just the input metre minus the little circle is what it looked liked when the audio file would not play, it would just dissapare out of the blue as mentiond in my auto biography up above that particular photo wasn't from an actuall dud Audio track i just took it from a inst never the less thats what it looked like.

and the second photo showing the whole inspecter is something that just happened when i opened up my project and they all dissapeared up. meaning i actuall dragged them down there is still about another 4 effects deep on that channel, its wierd because all my other projects are fine in regards to this particular matter. normally i find that the code is writen to work as follows,
It gives you about 2 or 3 spaces for effects and every time you open another it adds another free space etc etc.
But in this case its just added loads and left me no room to click on "setting" which is normally located directly above the effects strip/signal chain, whatever you want to call. and i actually had to drag all of them down (command/drag) on all tracks because they had dissapeard, initially i freaked and thought they had gone completly but then opened my Mixer and saw that it had just added loads of free spaces.
Surely thats not an option i mean I LOVE logic for all its options and functinality but i cant see how that would be an option so surely its a Glitch? and if it is a funtion the i've just improved my typewriting skills whilest learning something :D

I have just downloaded/updated to leopard 10.8.5 and its still the same (the issue as above)


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Sounds to me like you need a new hard drive. You started off your post saying your drive totally weirded out. Drive motors do go bad, and drive surfaces can develop surface imperfections. Heads can scrape the media, etc., etc. You said things worked well for a year and a half. Reformatting can be a fix if you just screw up with garbage software, but it will not renew the surface or rebuild the drive's motor or electronics. To answer your question, a new hard drive might just be your best upgrade.
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If you suspect a disk failure, start from another disk or from the system CD, launch the Disk Utility program and repair the disk. Watch the comments appearing on the screen. Then repair the disk pemissions. Then restart the Mac.

Additionally it may be a good idea to pull these files from their folders to the desktop:
Logic will create new files.

Then restart Logic.

If it does not change anything, the project might be damaged. Make a new project, recreate the tracks and copy all regions from the existing project. In this case do not save/load any channel strip settings because there seems to be a problem with them. Insert the plugins manually and just copy the settings from the original plugins one by one.

Try to save, quit, open in intervals, to check the bahavior and avoid working hours just to end up with the same mess.

You may lose some settings, automation, whatever. But it seems that you cannot work at all at the moment, so anything but leaving the situation as it is, is better.

Hope this helps.
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Hey, Jay. Replacing a hard drive may or may not be easy for you. If the "fixes" in the last post don't cure things, then you might want to think about it being a hardware problem. Suggest you speak to a technician. There is also a possibility some of your system's memory is bad, etc, etc. Be sure to make a backup of your data files because, if the existing drive has a hardware problem, you will have to reinstall everything. Reinstalling means you need all the software install disks. Suggest this: the Intel Macs will boot from either an external Firewire or USB drive, the PPC Macs need an external Firewire or SCSI. You can install an operating system and your programs on the external drive to make sure that the rest of your computer (like its memory and integrated circuits, as well as the programs themselves) will work correctly. Then replace the internal hard drive after you copy over the data files you want to keep to your temporary external hard drive. You can do this with your LaCie Quadra if you have an open partition.
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