Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

Rodney D

Ok, the other night for whatever reason I double click the CPU indicator in the transport area to take a look at the cores that logic 9 was using. I noticed that only 6 cores were being used. I could have sworn that at one time logic 9, used all 8 cores. I have a 27" iMac i7 quad core 4gig ram 1tb hd. Has anyone else noticed this? Can this be fixed?

javier fracchia

New Member
Hello! Sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina.
I come with this problem long ago. Try ALL the possible solutions and none worked. Low or high Buffer (to the latency allows me), repair permissions, distribute the channel in buses, do not use "live mode", clean project, optimize mac, logic optimization, all updated, no input in channels, etc..

I have a macbook pro 3.0 i7 4 cores 16gb ram 1600, ssd 256, RME Mavericks with OS X 10.9.1 and Logic X 10.0.6, all original.
Try also with Soundflower using superior drummer (original) stand alone with 16 outs and routing in Logic but pops or sounds gradients.

I need help!
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