Logic Pro 9 Logic on New Mac Book



I am a new member of this forum but user of the logic for last few years.
I bought a new mac Book Pro and copy my imac hard drive on this via time capsule. When i tried launching the Logic on new Mac Book it asked me the key which i put in but then it asked the previous key or XS key. My current logic is the upgrade version. I don't have the old key and don't know what is the XS key I never used XS key before. how can i make my Logic work on my new mac Book. I still have my old mac book and i don't mined erasing the logic from my old as long as i know it will work on my new. If some one can give me the link to get Apple for Logic help or a phone contact to resolve this issue.

I suggest you reinstall Logic and it will put the current extension for the newer key back where it is supposed to be. You should be able to put it in and then re-enter your serial number into.

Logic can run on multiple computers as long as they are not being run on 2 or more that are on the same local network (meaning pull out your ethernet from the second computer you want to run Logic on, or be sure it's only running on 1 at a time, which is what your license says you should really be doing).

If you want to talk to Apple tech, and you are beyond your 90 day warranty period, it's gonna be an expensive call, so I would really suggest your try the reinstall thing first, it could save you a small fortune.

One other question: what model was your iMac: a newer core 2 version, or an older PPC version?

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Hi George,

Here is the situation, I have two versions of logic two separate set of discs, one is the original Logic Studio and the 2nd set of discs i bought when they come up the upgrade version. Now when i tried to install the recent version it asked the key which i put it in and then it is asking me the original key or the XS key which i don't have either of them.

I tried to instal the original version it gives the following message,

"You can not open the Logic Studio.mpkg because Power PC applications are no longer supported."

I guess unless i come up with the original key or XS key i am stuck. Not only that but i think if i ever have to reinstall the logic on my existing computers or any future new computers i am not going to be able to use my Logic.

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Well it sounds like your first version of Logic, the one you must have to use any upgrade was pretty old. What ever happened to your Logic hardware key anyways?

I still have 2 due to the fact that I owned 2 copies of Logic, and I won't let them out of my site, that said I do the Logic Studio 8 which was the first serial numbered version of Logic and if you have V8 as well, you should have an option to either add the seal number or use the old Logic key.

You don't need to install the old version if it's that old. The new versions still have the hardware key driver, or someway to "see" it because I just did a clean install of Logic on one of my newer systems (Mac OS 10.7.2) using the Logic key as owner upgrade verification.

All I can suggest it to spend the $200 for the new full version of Logic. If you have lost or sold the key, or don't have a V8 serial, you're (add profanity here)...

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Well Thanks George, your input was helpful. Its good that the price on Logic has dropped quite a bit. But in my experience the customer support and keeping the Clint connected with licensing and upgrades etc is not as good with Logic as with some of the other companies. Like i have lots of products with Native Instruments and they have their service center as an application with you and they are good in keeping the records of your license and periodic upgrades.

Any way will add money for new Logic.

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