Logic on Xscan?


I'm feeling the G5 pinch as I'm trying to upgrade to Logic 9 and was looking at the various options. I've found some refurbished Xcan servers for about as much as a mac pro and am wondering if this is a viable option. It has a processor, ram, graphics, super drive, usb, FW, even 2 open pci slots exc... All in a single rack space. Sounds brilliant, which begs the question, why isn't there more talk of this? Thoughts?
FYI, Xsan servers are in fact storage clusters. If on the other hand you are referring to Xserve, then even the later (discontinued now but available until the end of Jan) Intel models don't stack up to what's available with MacPros.
It just doesn't make any sense to get one of these servers.
Get a Mac Pro.
ops, yeh sorry. That kind of undoes the whole thread doesn't it? I meant X-serve. It looks like you can get an 8 core with the only limitations being that it only had two pci slots and three ram slots. I can't imagine out growing that since I don't have any DSP cards and it already comes with TWO 1000 baseT's for another whole (nearly) ghz of processing w extenal systems. seems to me like a superrior system if space is a preference. Does anyone have experience with this? are they really too niosy?
It still doesn't make sense, as you get less PCIe slots (in your case, seems not to be an issue), one less drive bay....
The MacPro which is cheaper, expandable, incredibly quiet compared to the earth shattering noise of the Xserve and also has the 2 x 1000base ethernet ports, better video support (ie 2 monitors out of the box)...
Maybe this is why we haven't heard of many audio guys (& gals) using them.

Well said. I heard they're loud but I wasn't sure HOW loud. My G5 is no ghost and I'd hate to get a whole lot worse. The space issue is impressive but it sounds like it's more of a sacrifice than a benefit.

Perhaps this is why they're discontinued too.

Thanks Matt!