Logic Pro 8 Logic only addressing a single core with Vienna Instruments Plugin



I would like to set up a template that runs VSL SE purely in Logic using separate instances of the Vienna Instruments plugin. I used the Special Edition Demo as starting point for creating my template. The problem is that
only a single core of my 8 core machine is being used. If I create a template from scratch the same thing happens.

When I run other plugins they are distributed fairly evenly among the cores. Any suggestions or thoughts as to what might be going wrong?



Fletcher Beasley
2 x2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon , 14 gb RAM, OSX 10.5.6, Logic 8.02, MOTU 2408 mk3, MOTU MTP AV
Is it the active track in Arrange, or does it still exhibit the same behaviour when it is not the active track?
Another thing, are you using a multi timbral environment object to drive it, or any other midi environment objects for that matter?
just trying to get a bit more info as to how you may have it setup.
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It exhibits the behavior regardless of whether it is the active track or not. I'm not using a multitimbral environment object, just individual instruments running the Vienna Instrument AU plugin.

If I can't get it to work I'll run Vienna Ensemble but I just want to see if it is possible to get multi core use out of the Vienna Instrument plugin. It would make things simpler for me on smaller orchestrations.
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Does it work if you don't use individual midi instruments? ie Set the AU inst object to 'All' in the midi channel setting in the left pane... and make sure the individual tracks address the channelling within the sequence regions instead. not really a solution, but a way to see if it does in fact work.
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It turns out that when I play a sequence in this template the core load is distributed amongst the different cores, but the problem is that any instrument I load in VI increases the core load of my eighth core.

Can someone confirm that this is normal behavior with VI?
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