Logic Pro 7 & earlier logic platinum 5.5.1


hi hope you can help me ive been useing 5.5.1 for many years very happy with it but need help in deleting bars from a song so as when i save it the new midi its without part ive deleted tried a few ways to no avail
ex. song has 140 bars and 10 tracks i want to delete from bar 30 to 50 from all tracks so track 51 slots in at bar 30 etc can all tracks be deleted at once

hope someone can help thanks kirriejim
win xp
Select the area you wish to remove with the cycle marker (the loop function), then select all in the arrange window, and finally go into the region menu and use the snip function to remove the selected parts.
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Always happy to help...

that said, wow.. Logic 5.5.1. You might want to take a look at a 2nd hand Mac Pro (1st gens are not too bad $$$) and Logic Pro 9 (again, only $200 not for what used to cost us about $2000 when Logic 5.5.1 was released ;-).
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hi george thanks again but as i said im a bit of a novice i can set up midi to what i think sounds good i.e.change drums,bass etc.
I delete parts of midi track by track then delete and drag sometimes quiet tedious having problems following your advice (cycle marker, region menu) where do i find them in logic hope you can talk me through the process
sorry to bother you kirriejim
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