Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic Platinum outlaws wanted (alive).

Hullo there.

Posting a previous thread about Logic Platinum made me think about the chance to make an effort on this forum, and try to get in contact with other freaks who still use and are fond of Logic Platinum, who have not conformed with the Great Switch, but rather stick to a DIY aesthetics, indifferent about the preassure to be constantly up-to-date, preferring to build up a made-to-measure environment where to feel safe, and within which they feel safe to create their own music.
Outcasts who are still creative and free-minded, or just broke enough not to be able to afford to buy a powerful Mac, or a brand new DAW.
I call up on these artists, wherever they are, and whether they feel like it of course, to come forward, and share their tips on compatible free VST plugins, or tricks about their working routine they are happy to share.
I am here.
Thank you.

Logic Platinum 5.5
HP laptop running Windows 10