Logic Pro (X) Logic Pro 10.0.7 released

Yeah. We've been beta testers. They should pay us for it!:D

Anyone try it yet? Hopefully they haven't created other problems! ;)

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That's an insane list of changes to digest! I downloaded it immediately and started using it immediately on a new song. I had a good 3 crashes but auto save "saved" me as always. I'll look forward to diving in deeper soon.

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That's a great list of improvements, the elves have been busy. A good mix of fixes and new features, hopefully they can keep up this momentum!

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App Store fails to download Logic after Mavericks 10.9.3

Hey guys,
I've been trying to download Logic X from the App Store for the past 6 hours and the download gets interrupted.
I've tried different locations with WI-FI and Ethernet. Tried every suggestion posted on online forums and still nothing.
Does anybody else have the same issue?
I've found hundreds of posts from people complaining about this in the past months but nothing recent.
I'm stuck!
I had Logic 10.0.6 installed then after attempting to update so many times, one of the suggestions was to remove it and download it freshly from the APP Store. Now I have nothing...

Thanks for your help!
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