Logic Pro X Logic Pro 10.0 on MAC: additional content package can't be installed


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Hi I am posting this issue here because it is frustrating:

I am using logic x 10.0 and tried to download more drum kit from the additional content library. after I hit on "install", everything went on well and seems to start download fast. but after the "download" complete, the software only pop out with message saying the audio interface I used to connect were not able to use at this point and has to switched to my computer built in audio.

after all this, no additional drum kit has appeared. I restarted my computer and it is still like this.

does anyone has experience this before? Please let me know if there is any clue to fix.



10.0 ist a very early version of Logic pro X with many features missing and a healthy dose of bugs. It is recommended that you update to the latest version your OS allows. Go to the Appstore and click on Updates. The last version of logic for your OS will show up. The updates are free.
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