Logic Pro X Logic Pro 10.4.1 crashes

Bruno VErdoni

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First post!
I have been going nuts for days now...
I own a MacBook pro 2015 with 16 GB of RAM.
I have created a new file/song recently, ALL midi tracks - 20 of them using Kontakt 6, 10 using other plugins - and one audio file.
There is barely any music written - it looks mostly like a template as I just got started - and everytime I open it now, LOGIC PRO X freezes and I have to restart the computer. It used all of my 16GB of RAM!!!
I unplugged my SSD drive and was able to access the file, and then I turned off ALL the tracks and deleted ALL the audio plugins ( compressor, EQ reverbs...) ..restarted it and STILL LOGIC PRO X uses all the RAM and freezes.
I have tried to slowly recreate the same template and I get the same crash result.
I have another file, music I wrote for a short film - it has 55 tracks, and at least 10 of them are audio tracks, bounced tracks etc... I loaded it and it runs perfectly,
Anyone has ideas, suggestions in what the problem might be?
Thank you


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HI there, welcome to the LUG

I suspect that the Kontakt instances are your problem. Sample Libraries can eat into available RAM like nothing else. By way of comparison, Logic should run a lot of audio tracks with comparatively little RAM usage. You may have to resort to bouncing out individual Kontakt instances to Audio in order to work this way with 16 GB RAM.

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Bruno VErdoni

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Mark! Hey Thanks for taking the time. A friend suggested I upgrade to 10.4.8 and I did and it helped a little.
Yes I am working with a lot of KONTAKT tracks but barely any music written - more like a template really
I went through each K Track and purged samples, re-batch saved - as I was told it would help -and it did but in a very small way.
When running my template my activity monitor always hovers at around 13 to 14 GB out of 16
I will bounced to audio as soon as I have some tracks finished and then turn OFF the midi one
Thanks again