Logic TDM Logic Pro 7 with OS10.3.9 & TDM


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We have been using Logic since we 1st got it in 1989 as C-Lab Notator before progressing away from Atari to Macs the last but one being an old Powermac 9600 which finally died recently. We replaced it with a 2nd hand Quicksliver G4 which is probably the last model to accept our PCI Mix 24 TDM

We got our protools to work ok (in fact very well) but cannot find our logic 7 discs from the last house move. we have it installed on a Macbook but really want it back on our TDM system even if its a bit old for recording purposes.
We do of course have our logic USB dongle


  1. What was the latest version of logic which will work with 10.3.9 & Mix 24
  2. Will the exs sampler work with this OSX does not recognise our old Samplecell card
  3. Where can I download the approproate version of Logic,EXS & Waveburner

Many thanks in advance

10.3.9 PPC + logic 7.1 + pro tools 6.4.1

logic 7.2 requires 10.4.3, and pt 6.4.1 is the last that supports mix systems

dunno if there are newer working combinations for PPC, this one should works..
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