Logic Pro 8 Logic Pro 8 and Presonus V-Fire

I am experiencing problems when trying to record audio using the Presouns V-Fire as an aggragate device. I have a project consisting of wav files recorded on a different system. The audio plays fine. I set up a new track and it is routing the audio because I can hear it when I am monitoring the input with, or without, the track armed. Once I hit record it starts to create a take but it doesn't increment the elapsed time, no sound comes through, and it stops core audio from working. I can't hear the existing tracks either. I can regain audio by resetting the core audio but I am back at square 1 Any suggestions???

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You didn't say what other audio device the V-Fire is being paired with.
You're using the latest driver d'loaded from the Presonus site?

In your first message, the elapsed time not changing when entering record sounds like a clocking problem.

The only thing that comes to mind is trying different I/O's as clock master in the aggregate device editor. And also make sure the V-Fire software utility is set correctly.
You might have to experiment with both the aggregate -and- V-Fire clock settings until you find a combination that works.

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Sorry. I am using the latest generation of iMac. The OS is OSX 5.1.7. Here is the entire recording chain:

1. Instruments are running directly into a Roland VS-2480.
2. The Roland VS-2480 is conected via proprietary RBUS cables to the PreSonus V-Fire. It is running as a slave via the R-Bus Sync from the V-Fire.
3. The V-Fire (running the 1.0.98 driver) Firewire 400 port out is connected to the Firewire 800 port on the back of the iMac.
4. The V-Fire Controller utility is set at a sampling frequency of 44.1 and the clock source is Internal.
5. In the Audio MIDI setup the Input is set as the Aggragate Device with the Direct Output and the Presonus V-Fire as the two objects. The V-Fire is set as the clock.

Does this help?
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