Logic Pro 8 Logic Pro 8 locks up


I'm running pro 8 on a g4 dual mirror door, 2 GB, 1.83 Ghz and OS tiger 10.4.9. I upgraded processor to a sonnet G4mdx.

It locks up when I sustain a note on external keyboard or make quick moves changing info or pages. Hope I explained problem in a simple way. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Talked to support at sonnet. They said from system profile report, everything looks fine. Could be bad cpu or bad ram.
My ram is for 1.25 GHZ, and my new processor speed is 1.83. Could the problem be ram not fast enough?
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Thanks for info Georgelegeriii. I sent processor back to sonnet. I did the fan test and machine locked up again. I tried looking for OS updates, but could only find the one I already had on mac. So I'll load 10.4.11 when I get new one in. Thanks again for help.
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I bet it's the ram then. Funny, I was at an Apple store to get my iphone replaced, and the guy there had a G5 that the ram just went bad on... 4 years old, worked perfect before.

Have you taken the ram out and reseated it?

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