Logic Pro 8 Logic Pro 8 & Snow Leopard

I currently use Logic 8 and am looking to upgrade from a MacBook (2GHz, 2G RAM) to one of the new quad core iMacs. I'm not sure, though, that I want to move to Logic 9 yet, what with the extra-special "low memory" problems I've been reading about. I tried to check Apple's support page for info on Logic 8's compatibility with Snow Leopard, but could find nothing. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.

I think it really depends on what 3rd party plug-ins you are using. I am using Logic 9 in Snow and Leopard and have never seen that message. I wouldn't let a few posts here and in other forums dissuade you from going that route.

Thanks for weighing in. I've check and all 3rd party plugins which I use have Snow Leopard-compatible updates available. So at least that won't be a problem.

Further to my post...by 3rd party plugs I assume you mean, for example, Omnisphere--which seems to be causing some folks headaches. Nah, I'm limited to EZDrummer, Garritan's GPO, and Ozone. I haven't read of those creating show-stopping issues.

I use Logic Pro 9 on 10.5.8 and have no problems at all, unlike my friends who have went to SL.

If you really don't have to go there, if there are no real advantages, why do it?

Just a thought,

George Leger III
I am using Leopard 10.5.8 on a Macbook 2.16 core 2 duo with 2GB ram but booting from an external 250 GB firewire HD and running Logic 8.02. I have had no issues. My screen is broken so I use a 24" monitor and the internal CD won't eject so I use an external CD writer.