Logic Pro 9 Logic pro 9.0.0 error


I have a problem with logic pro 9.0.0
I've enabled DAE because I wanted to see what it was:D
I'm new with logic. Logic said I had to restart my mac
so I did it. After that if I open logic it says:

"DAE requires 25MB of memory. You currently have 0 allocated"
If I hit QUIT logic closes again.

What can I do about it?
DAE requires the Pro Tools proprietary hardware, so you won't be able to use it. (IMO you aren't missing anything provided your Mac has enough processing power and RAM which is easy these days)

I used to use DAE as in the old days it provided a more stable system and some very good third party plugins that were only available for DAE, but now that its easy enough to get plenty of power in your computer and Logic have vastly improved the native plugins (and there are plenty of great 3rd party AU plugins than run natively) I prefer to work with the core audio drivers.

I would suggest you update your Logic though.
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You should update, Logic is currently at version 9.1.4 and there also have been several Pro Application Updates, that have been released in the wild.

Your missing over a years worth of updates that affect Logic's performance.

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