Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9.0.1 and MainStage 2.0.1 released


This update improves overall stability and provides numerous fixes and enhancements.
Issues addressed include:
• Flex Markers can align & snap to MIDI notes
• Performing a punch-in recording with Replace Mode now behaves correctly
• The I/O plug-in adds an option for latency compensation

The update is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9.

Logic Pro 9.0.1 Update

This update improves overall stability, provides numerous fixes and enhancements, and is recommended for all users of Logic Pro 9.

Some issues addressed include (but are not limited to):

* Replace mode now functions as expected when Punch Recording.
* Trimming a region now behaves correctly for regions whose first transient is quantized.
* Using "Paste at Original Position" in the Arrange window now works as expected.
* Using track import Replace to channel strip used on multiple tracks in the Arrange window now works as expected.
* Correct automation values are now maintained when one region is moved over another with the "Move Automation with Regions" option.
* Addresses an issue where the Save button on a Logic/Mackie Control stays lit when pressed with some projects.
* The Reassign Track shortcut menu now correctly displays the currently assigned channel strip object.
* Text Only mode for the Toolbar now remains in effect when an option is clicked on the Toolbar.
* MIDI commands can now be assigned to key commands with fixed assignments.
* Clicking solo on a channel strip no longer selects the channel strip.
* Fixes an issue where Logic would quit unexpectedly if the grid value in the Hyper Edit Convert Event definition dialog was changed.
* MIDI regions now play at the correct tempo when scrubbed with the Solo tool.
* Current project Mixer settings are now correctly maintained when importing tracks with "Send all fader values" enabled.
* EXS24 now correctly displays all parameters in Editor view for instruments created in Logic 8.
* Logic no longer quits unexpectedly in recording situations where both a MIDI and audio track are record enabled and the MIDI track is not selected.

Enhancements implemented include:

* It is now possible to measure and provide latency compensation for an external signal chain that is routed via the I/O plug-in.
* You can now snap align Flex Markers to MIDI notes within other tracks in the Arrange window.
* The Automap feature for Novation MIDI controllers now functions when using the Logic Studio plug-ins.
* Apogee's UV-22 dithering algorithm now an option when bouncing audio files.


This update improves overall performance and provides numerous fixes and enhancements, including the Loopback and Playback plug-ins:
Issues addressed include:
• The Reverse option for Loopback now behaves consistently
• Pitchbend data is transmitted properly to external instruments
• A recording in Loopback can be used to define the tempo for MainStage
• The I/O plug-in is now available in MainStage

The update is recommended for all users of MainStage 2.

MainStage 2.0.1 Update

This update improves overall performance and provides numerous fixes and enhancements, especially to Loopback and Playback plug-ins. This update is recommended for all users of Mainstage 2.

Issues addressed include (but are not limited to):

* The memory usage display is now more accurate and shows MainStage and total system memory combined.
* Feedback protection is now disabled if not in use resulting in a significant CPU performance improvement for audio channels.
* The Reverse option for Loopback now behaves consistently.
* Pitchbend is now transmitted properly to external instruments.
* The I/O plug-in is now available in Mainstage.

Enhancements include:

* Loopback can now be started by a Play action.
* Loopback now has an option to transfer its tempo information to the Concert when its Sync option is disabled, and it derives its tempo from the first recorded loop.
* The Post-Pan option is now available for channel strip Sends.
* MIDI out is improved to make it possible to send program changes via Mapping, and to allow MIDI Start/Stop/Continue messages to be sent on patch changes to external channel strips.
OK, here goes.

In Logic Pro 9, if you instantiate an EXS24 and go under Options in the GUI, you will see a Virtual Memory options area. 2 new options were added: "On, optimized for EXS 24 instances" and On, optimized for AU SI instances"

They mean exactly what they say. In 9.0, if you choose the former, you can run a ton of EXS 24s (the memory pool kicks in at a little after 1.5 GB) but ten if you start to add i.e. Omnispheres, Logic goes kablooey. If you choose the latter, you can load a surprisingly large number of 3rd party software instruments, but then if start adding more EXS24s, Logic goes kablooey.

So its is do you wish to die by drowning or by burning? Laughing

But Apple has done something under the hood with 9.0.1. Now if you choose the option prioritizing the AUs , you can also add a considerable number of EXS24s.

I have a now lowly Quad Core with 13 GB RAM under 10.6.1 and I was able to successfully load and run:
28 EXS24s
17 Kontakts
1 Play for Stormdrum 2, 4 sounds loaded
1 Omnisphere
1 Altiverb
UAD-2 FX, 1 each: Plate 140, Pultec, Precision EQ, Precision Limiter

At that point Logic became 2 sluggish to be practical.

But there is more. When you are adding instruments, at some point Logic will give you a warning that you are doing so and suggest you cut it out. (If you do not, Logic will tell you that the project has crashed, save it for you, and quit.)

When you get the warning, if you quit Logic and then re-open the project, suddenly you can add even more. I tried this 4 times and each time I could ad a little more.

Now I am not advocating pushing it to the max as I am sure Logic will get flakey and between EXS24's memory management scheme and Kontakt's memory server, I no longer trust anything Activity Monitor tells me, but clearly this is a big improvement in LP 9.0.1.

With today's computers and LP 9.0.1 and something like VE Pro and/or Plogue Bidule, I think we are at the beginning of an era where the CPU and RAM bottlenecks for running lots of software instrument instances will be a thing of the past. Very exciting.

BTW, I am doing an updated new version of my book, "Going Pro With Logic Pro 9" and I will have several tutorials in it dealing with this stuff.
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Hey Jay,

Thanks for that detailed explanation. I would never have noticed that on my own.....

One other small, almost completely irrelevant, change I noticed in L9.01 is that when you option click over a closed plugin to bypass it; the cursor icon changes to a little "power button" icon. Ahhhh small things amuse small ; well - you know :D
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I have also noticed that it's now again possible to change the order of the plugins in the channelstrip in the arrange inspector. Thumbs up so far
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Jay Asher wrote:
In Logic Pro 9, if you instantiate an EXS24 and go under Options in the GUI, you will see a Virtual Memory options area. 2 new options were added: "On, optimized for EXS 24 instances" and On, optimized for AU SI instances".

That's weird, I don't see these options. In the EXS24, Options, Virtual Memory you say. I only have the settings that have been there since version 5 I think. Basically just an option whether to activate virtual memory or not and a couple of settings concerning that.
Is it possible that it has something to do with Snow Leopard, I run 9.01 on Leopard.
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Actually after reading the manual it may be that these are only visible if you have more than 5 GBs of RAM installed. I still use my G5 so I only have 4.5 GBs. The manual doesn't exactly say this, it just says that you must have above 5 GBs to take advantage of the advanced RAM management. It could mean that the options simply don't show up though but I would have ecpected them to just be greyed out.
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Fascinating and informative. Thank you, Jay.

PS: I noticed the following pop-up warning when changing the setting.

"Using memory outside Logic's memory area is only available with more than 5 GB physical memory."

Interesting. I have exactly 5 GB at the moment.

PPS: Just noticed that HKC noted the above condition. I guess it bears repeating anyway. Cheers
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