Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9.1.6 performing well on Lion?


I use Logic Pro in my studio on a Mac Pro, still staying on Snow Leopard as I want to wait a bit to jump to Lion.

I teach Logic Pro on my 'old' white Macbook 2.0 GHz (Core2Duo), also on Snow Leopard and it's really stable. But now some applications need Lion in order to work. Is there anyone else using Logic on Lion with the same Macbook? Is it performing well? Is Lion processor-heavier than Snow Leopard so that Logic songs might not run anymore (without freezing some tracks).

I can't afford to teach Logic and have it crash in front of a bunch of people.

Maybe I need to buy a new Macbook, but I hope I can postpone it a bit.

I hope anyone can help here.

Thank you!


Clone your drive to an external drivr and update that sucker to see how she flies. I put lion on my studio Mac Pro only to see if my apogee stuff would magically work (which it didn't) so haven't worked in it at all to be if any help.


I actually wanted to install Lion on an external drive and leave the system drive alone, but that involves installing Snow Leopard first on that external drive....

Will see!
Performing a clean install of Lion is well documented.


There are other sites, but the procedure is straightforward. You basically download Lion, but interupt the install procedure before it gets too far along. The specifics of transferring the necessary file onto either a DVD or USB drive are explained at the above web link.

Apple also sells a thumb drive loaded with Lion, but you would be paying $40 extra for a 4 to 8GB USB drive, so it depends on your comfort level with the procedure. Maybe the convenience or your time is more valuable.

I am still on SL. Will probably go to Lion when I have to, but not before.