Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 and time stretching (WOW!)

Well, I found out something major between LP8 and LP9: 9 does a much better job with slowing down the tempo of a song and getting anything usable out of it.

I tried to slow down a song from 82 bpm to 76 bpm. I had been using the elastic audio feature in PTO 8 to speed up and retune audio with pretty good results... but trying to slow down things was a disaster: the audio had very noticeable audio anomalies in it.

Then I tried the new Flex audio function in Logic, and nearly fell off my chair. It worked so good I had a very hard time believing it. I had tried the tempo stuff in Logic 8, with little success. Logic Pro 9 is clearly the best native process I've heard so far. I am not sure how the other algorithms do it, but Logic Pro 9 comes first in my books.

Nice to see things getting better....

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Well, I found out something major between LP8 and LP9: 9 does a much better job with slowing down the tempo of a song and getting anything usable out of it.
I absolutely agree. The Flex algorithms are new for Logic 9 and sound absolutely fantastic!


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Tried Flex on nylon and steel guitar and on vocals. Really good, I did not get such results before Logic 9. And once you get a grip on the flex(ing) technique it is so much faster than cutting and crossfading. And much better in quality.


I used it on a song that had 2 tempos, beginning and end were the same with a middle part that changed. The client wanted to speed up the top and end. Once I got things setup and learned what I was doing it was a piece of cake to change the conductor track and experiment. I had to change acoustic guitar, electric guitars, vocals and bass. I think I sped things up by over 10 bpm with no noticeable artifacts. This was a song that started in Digital Performer that I exported specifically to try this out.


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I agree its pretty amazing. I used flex to modify a tenor sax phrase considerably. There was no noticable difference between the old and new in quality. Couldn't have done it any other way.


Really amazing indeed.
Now, the scary (but awesome) part: did anyone tried to speed up a guitar solo part (or simply record it at a slower tempo then put back the normal tempo using the Flex engine) ?
This is simply amazing :thmbup: and very tempting to use, though it would then be even more challenging to replay these parts live :rolleyes:


Yes, it's great! I do alot of VO's and it's amazing how good flex sounds. I've never been able to speed voiceovers so much...


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Sounds like the new LP9 time stretching feature is a Winner :thmbup:

Thanks for the all the positive feedback, I'm still running LP8, I will install LP9 next week, and give the flex stuff a try.

Now if the LP9 development team can add a Flex-Pitch feature in a future LP9 update, then LP9 will be one super flexible DAW :D

Do you think LP9 will get Flex-Pitch feature ? or is it going to take another couple of years, for the next version (LP10) to get Flex-Pitch feature/s ?


Am i doing something wrong when it comes to time changes? I've been chopping the region to make it easier just to flex that one part, because otherwise it goes insane. But if that region has tempo changes, it gets so confused, and just doesn't seem to want to flex well. Perhaps it just can't cope with ralls.