Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 interface with East West Sound CCC hard drive


I've been attempting to interface my Complete Composers Collection from East West with Logic Pro 9. When creating a new track, I've been unable to find what other posts refer to as the "I/O Button" just above the Output (could that be the "software instrument/external midi/audio?), and, while I was able to access the East West Library through the Mixer channel I/O, it would not play audibly(though before crashing, it was showing signal). I know it's old ground with a lot of you, but any takers?:brkwl:
Thank you, George, for replying, but I'm afraid I don't get it. Where is "there" for the I/O pop up menu? The only I/O I'm seeing is when I open the mixer.
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Okay, so, looking at the Play 3 Manual, it tells me to open a project in the Logic sequencer, find an unused Instrument track and under the I/O insert in the channel, you can navigate to the East West library. Trouble is, that ain't how my Logic opens! It opens with a request to open a new track with three possible choices; audio, software library or external midi. There are NO unused instrument tracks. The Logic Pro manual is impossible to navigate for the proper word chains. I am NOT crazy.
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Yes, Logic when booted, opens with a NEW BLANK SONG! So, east west's documentation is OLD.

Now that we got that fact that A) You aren'r crazy and B) east wests docs are not correct, lets start from when you open a Logic song...

Open a new song, and select "software instrument (you got the 2nd choice wrong BTW)" Then press "create"

Now you have a single track with nothing in it.

Next, make use your inspector is OPEN> You can do this by clicking on the inspector button on the top toolbar. When it's opened (what you want) you will see a box with the track parameters available (Quantize, q-swing, etc) and below that you will see 2 faders.

Next: between the words "I/O" and "stereo out", there is a pop up box. You can make it pop up by placing your curser over top of it (the arrow is the curser), press and hold.

Now there is a list of instruments there, correct? Move your curser to the bottom of the list for the lowest instruments to show up, and see the one called "AU INSTRUMENTS" and another list shows itself.

Select EAST WEST and then PLAY. There you go!

I suggest you might want to get David Nahmani's Logic Pro 9 book from Peach Pit Publishing. It is very basic, and gets more detailed and complex as you go along. It's baby steps in how to use Logic, and you can even buy a PDF or online version if you want access NOW. there are also things like the Music Tech magazine Logic Pro focus issues of their magazine which are great ways to get the whole "Logic" thing figured out. You can even buy them for your iphone or ipad.

Mac Pro Video, Groove 3 both have fantastic tutorials you can watch, as well as free stuff on youtube (mind you it can be a but like looking for a needle in a haystack on yourtube).

These tools you are working with are complex, and require a level of commitment of learn the basics. You can not just pick them up and go, especially if you have had no real engineering or sequencing experience. If you got it from Garageband, well you are going to have to restart... sorry, that is just the reality.

That said, before you know it, you are working and things are going ok. it will take a while before you get there...
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What you posted took time, George. It hit the spot and I thank you profusely. Will check into the tutorials you mentioned. I'm coming a long way from my Roland VS-1680 and my Cubasis run from Windows 95! Yeah, it's embarrassing. Anyway, thanks again.
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Hey, don't be embarrassed. First time I purchased Notator Logic for the Mac (V1) I took ity back. It took a guy named Michael Graham, one of the original Emagic guys, to give me and a few friends a real tutorial on how the thing worked, then it was love 8).

Happy to help, and welcome to Logic land.
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