Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 / MBox 3 Pro Latency Issues...please help!


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So Im running Logic Pro 9 with my MBOX3 Pro...and Im having latency issues when recording vocals. Ive not had any problems with software instruments causing latency, only with recording vocals. I lowered my buffer size down to 32 and clicked the low latency button on Logic....even tried turning off software monitoring, but cant seem to figure out a way to monitor through the mbox 3. There has to be a way to fix this horrible latency....it sucks cuz its not horrible latency, but enough that I cannot record vocals cuz I get all messed up. Please help if you know of any other way I can fix this??
I'm having the same issues & can't resolve either. The midi latency is rediculous too. Let me know if you have any luck resolving thanks
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It seems as though Avid are having their "issues". The firewire drivers for the M-Audio products are absolute crap and giving a multitude of problems. I don't know about their pro-gear but your post seems to echo a lot of what's going on with other products. Hammer them for support, you've paid your money.
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I have the mBox 3 and you can route any audio through the mBox mixer software and never go into Logic. Have you tried this? If so, do you still get latency?
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