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First post on this forum.

I'm trying to troubleshoot a perplexing situation for a Logic-using composer friend of mine.

The desired outcome is to set up multi-output instruments in Logic Pro 9 (mainly for Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 Server and Kontakt 5).

Steps followed:

1. Create new Multi-Timbral Software Instrument (box checked)
2. Load Multi-Output (16x Stereo) Kontakt 5 instance
3. Load Kontakt instruments and route them to multi-outs and through to Kontakt's "physical" outputs
4. Open Logic Mixer Window

All good so far.

5. Click + icon at bottom right of Kontakt 5 instrument track to add Logic Aux tracks

Here's where it diverges from every tutorial I've seen, where new Aux tracks are automatically created with Kontakt 5 inputs and default outputs (i.e. Stereo Out).

On his system, the newly created Aux tracks come up with next available Bus as input and no provision to select the Inst 1 (Kontakt 5) multi-outs.

Same results with Vienna Ensemble Pro inserted in Software Instrument track.

I can find no references to this issue online and wonder what in our method (or his system) might be causing this behaviour. 2008 Mac Pro 2008 8-Core, 32 gB RAM, OSX 10.6.8, Logic Pro 9.1.5.

We've made several attempts with no luck and all our forays have followed the tutorials we've seen to the letter.

My sense is that we've overlooked something "duh" somewhere and would love to find a solution.

Any thoughts from you Logic masters out there would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the reply, pkm.

The Software Instruments themselves are as they should be. It's the Multi-Output Auxes generated by the + button that are not.

For some (unknown to me) reason, my friend's system was creating Mono Aux tracks from a stereo Software Instrument. As soon as he switched them to stereo Auxes, everything was fine.

My very similar system, like all the tutorials I've seen, generates stereo Auxes from stereo Instruments and Mono Auxes from Mono instruments.

His was an odd situation, and one I couldn't duplicate on my rig. Still don't know why.

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