Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 under OS 11 El Capitan


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Hi, I've not used my old Logic Pro 9 software for about four years: moved home, not set studio up since... until now.

I had Logic 7, upgraded (with educational discount - I'm a music teacher) to 9. I ran Logic on my 2009 iMac, under OS 10.6.8 and then 10.9.5. I still use my 2009 iMac - it's my main/only desktop computer* - but after a recent erase/re-install that I was forced to do (computer basically died on me, gradually), I've subsequently been able to get up to 10.11, El Capitan.

I've been able to reinstall Adobe CS5 suite, but I'm having issues with Sibelius and Logic. I reinstalled Logic Pro 9 by simply dragging and dropping the Application from a backup I made, before my erase/reinstall. But it has a 'not compatible' stop/no-entry type icon over the apps own icon. I've talked to Apple, and it seems I'm out of luck. They say I need to upgrade to Logic X. But I can't afford to. It's also unclear, from talking to Apple, if I can even run Logic X on El Capitan anyway.

Can anyone here help/clarify? 1) Is there a way I can run Logic 9 under El Capitan? 2) If not, will Logic Pro X run under El Capitan? If I can do the latter, I can at least consider how I might find a way to buy it. In the meantime, are there any other solutions? E.g. can I run an older Apple OS (and which should it be?) from a bootable external hard drive, and run my old Logic 9 within that?

Related to all of this: as a drum teacher currently using Zoom for my remote teaching, I want to use Logic - along with my several mics and MOTU DAW - to improve audio quality for my pupils (built in mics overload and cut out, etc). Seeing as I can't use Logic at present, how else can I achieve my goal? Garage Band? (got it, but never really used it) Mainstage? (never had it or used it)... anything else??? I have a Tascam US-122 as well as my MOTU 828 MkII. I used the latter as my default when I used Logic Pro 9 in the past. That'd be my preferred option. But the older US-122 might at least be workable...

Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback. Regards, Sebastian.

* I was given an even older iMac (2006!) when my one died, and used it to re-gain access to my 2009 24".