Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 User Manual, Paperback Format ?

Where can I find Logic Pro 9 User Manual in Paperback Format? I have searched online with no luck. I have the downloadable pdf but it's 1342 pages long, printing that at staples or the library or what have you, would cost a couple hundred dollars, I am sure buying the user manual in book format would be cheaper...does this type of thing exist:confused:????
No, the only way to get a Logic Pro 9 reference manual is to get it printed yourself. I would suggest going to a local college if there is one near you and looking for printing services there. I live by USC in Los Angeles, and was able to get the main Logic Pro manual done for 4 cents a page, or just over $45 or so I think.
Why do you need to print the manual at all? It's so much easier to reference the manual while you're in Logic on your Mac while you're trying to figure something out... The manual is not even really that useful unless you're in front of Logic...

just my opinion : )

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Why do you need to print the manual at all? It's so much easier to reference the manual while you're in Logic on your Mac while you're trying to figure something out...
Oh dear, not this same old argument again .....

You can read the manual in Bed or anywhere without having your computer on. You can have the manual open beside your computer and access both simultaneously. Some people prefer that.

The manual is not even really that useful unless you're in front of Logic...
On the contrary, the manual is IMO highly useful anywhere so long as it gets read. As a case in point, I am working my way through the Apple Pro Training Final Cut Pro 7 book right now. A three hour flight on Ryanair last Sunday evening was put to good use by doing just that. Opening and using my 17" MBP would have been impossible given the somewhat cramped space on those aircraft, I still managed to work my way through a couple of chapters and learned a few things.

Save the trees!
Ever heard of recycled paper? There is also the idea that reading a printed manual can save electricity if your computer is switched off. That in turn can save Coal, Oil, Gas, Uranium etc.

Basically these sort of arguments lead nowhere. I believe that it simply boils down to whether the individual prefers printed manuals or pdfs or both. I appreciated having both with Logic 8, and I certainly miss having both with Logic 9. In fairness to Apple, the cost of the bundle of manuals that used to come with Logic, and Final Cut Studio must have been considerable, and especially bearing in mind that Logic Studio now costs a fraction of what had to be forked out for everything back in Logic 6 days, to an extent understandable, if still regrettable.

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Thank you for all your responses, I am looking for the Main user Manual for Logic Pro 9, in pdf format it is 1342 pages long even at .15cents a page that's still $200. I learn better, and feel I absorb more information when the text is written on paper. I can make notes, highlight things, and go back and re-read, take the manual with me and read on buses long trips etc, plus a computer screen get's tiring on the eyes quickly. I feel in order to get the program to work to your full advantage, you should read the manually thoroughly. Logic should look into this and have this manual available for purchase in paper format.
I'll say it again: look for a printer from a collage or university. The cost per page here at USC is 4 cents a page, not 15 cents.

Geez, don't people read the replies any more....
I live in Canada, the cost per page at my college is at least 10cents and you have to be a student which i am not because I have graduated already...ps I read all the replies lol
Well you can LOL as much as you want, but with a little effort, i was able to get an estimate in a fully printed Logic Pro manual for about $40...


that was the first place I found. If you add shipping, it would be maybe $50 if you did slower shipping.

FYI I also used to live in Vancouver Canada, and often went to UBC and got printing done if it was a bigger job like this. just look for a store that caters to students, not necessarily one that is run by the place and requires a student ID.


I live a couple of minutes from UBC. There's nothing around like 4 cents a page any more. But you could always arrange the printing to put two pages per side and double side it. That would reduce the total amount of printing and save some money. Also look it over and decide if you really need the entire thing printed.
I've shopped around quite a bit for this, so far the cheapest place that will print it for me is Staples at 5cents a page if I print over 1000 pages and supply my own paper, to print the whole 1342 pages (with supplying my own paper) it will cost $77, (cost of paper not included), and I do want to print the whole thing as I thoroughly want to know and understand every aspect of the software.


My view is that Apple should have made it available as an option. I know of at least one other music software provider that does just that. My guess is that Apple could have made it available in the $40 to $60 range and still made a profit.


Would indeed be a nice option to be able to order the printed manual. I'm a compulsive reader - I read the whole manual for my first DAW software TWICE before I even installed it - something I can't do w/ PDFs. As much as I am willing and determined to read the entire thing, I'm still not even half way through Logic's manual after 7 months - even w/ a laptop. But this seems to be becoming standard practice to offer PDF version only.

I'll probably end up buying Orren's book.
What is Orrens book? What is it called? and I feel the same way, I find it harder to read and absorb a lengthy piece of information on the internet or in computerized format
Here are all the current Logic Pro books:


I would also suggest David Nahmani's Logic Pro book, it's apple courseware for their Logic Pro certification program. the Logic Pro advanced book is also awesome.The lessons take you through Logic in a very informative way, which none of the other books do. (Disclosure: I sometimes work for David and have taught people with his book).

In fact, any of these books is a great way to get a handle on Logic... Orren has been around the longest of the Logic authors that I know.
Logic 8 Studio came with nice, fully printed reference manuals, for both the program and the plug-ins! You might find a used set somewhere. FWIW, the manuals are extremely dry, have been since Version 4. On the other hand, the search feature in the pdf files can indeed return too many possibilities, so a hard copy that you can bookmark and highlight definitely has advantages.

The Logic training books come with example exercises on DVD that help sift through Logic's 3D speadsheet type of organization. Logic has always been a Swiss Army Knife, more tools than most people need. The way to learn it is to start making your own recordings. You can always post a question if you get stuck.