Logic TDM Logic Pro and Digidesign 003 Rack+, no sound


I´ve got Logic Pro, OS X 10.7.4 on a MacBook (early 2008, FW400), and have been using several interfaces (RME, Focusrite Saffire, Edirol) with no problems.
I´m now going to record some some youngsters, using the equipment in a preinstalled rack at the location. I dropped by today to check out the equipment. The interface was a Digidesign 003 Rack+, with a Focusrite OctoPre II attached.

In Logic, the interface showed up in the Audio Preferences, and all inputs (and outputs) showed up nicely, so I made a template ready with named tracks on channel 1-16. To check the monitor routing, I then imported a mp3-file, but there was no sound, including that the level meters on both the track and Stereo Output was dead. When switching to Build-In Output and input, the mp3 played back and the meters ran as expected.

As my time is very restriced tomorrow, I wonder if installing the Digidesign 002-003 familiy driver should be enough for solving this issue (which I did after returning home), or are there any preferences I should check as well? ..or should I expect that it won´t work because of inadequate drivers?

I have a RME Fireface 800 at home, and borrow a Presonus Digimax D8 (with 8 direct outputs), which I think I´ll bring in backup, but I´d be very happy if I could solve this with the already present (and patched) equipment.

Thanks in advance!
Don't know about the Digi 003. I haven't heard of any issues, yes, download and install the latest Digi core audio drivers for sure.

Here is an obvious question: you see the 003 in your Logic core audio devices, right? ANd it's enables on both the input and output?

Also, you are not running more than one audio app right? If I remember, the digi core audio drivers are a single client driver, so it only works with 1 music app at a time (and itunes is one app, so if you are running itunes in the background, you are screwed).

If you still can't get things working, try the RME (which would actually always be my first choice due to better sound and the loop back function for bouncing is the best thing out there today... never use the "bounce to disc" feature in Logic if you have an RME product, use the digital loopback for a much better quality sound).

Hope this helps,


Thanks. Logic Pro was the only active program running, and the 003 showed up in both Input and Output under Preferences->Audio, if that's what you pointed to? I now remember that the 003 did not show up in System -> Sound in OS X (I'm not using the English language, so my translation might be a little worgn. ;)

I've never been a fan of the Digidesign home and semi pro systems, which was one of the main reasons I decided to start learning Logic instead of Pro Tools some years ago. But since the 003 is the leader of the rack.., we'd better try to sort it out.

Allthough it might be off topic, I'd be happy to hear more about the loopback function. I still can't understand fully why bouncing shouldn't give an optimal result, but I see and hear more and more people talking about both analog summing and/or recording from master (or a few busses) output.


Phew, installing the 003 Family driver worked our fine.

When starting up Logic, I got a message that I should restart my computer because the MIDI control interfaces was not found (2 iOS remotes, which was not active). I don´t know why I got this message (I mostly use Logic without the remote), but after the restart Logic started up as normal.