Logic Pro X Logic Pro as effects insert for live sound


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Hey guys, new here. Looked around quickly to see if anyone else broached this topic and couldn't find any.

I'm currently setting up a broadcast audio rig to mix a live band on for livestream. I'm happy to use EQ, compression from the broadcast mixing console, but was curious as to whether or not I could use my computer running Logic as an outboard effects insert for things live reverb or vocal tuning. Basically, my idea is to patch into the console's insert loop by coming out of the console into my interface, route to a channel strip in Logic with the plugins I wanna run, and route that channel back out of my interface and into the console's insert loop.

Secondly, if that were to work, do you think it would be best to setup a single Logic channel with all the plugins I wanna use, or a Logic channel per plugin I want to run, or a Logic channel per channel from the console I want to effect?

I know that's fairly abstract, but is this something anybody else is doing? Is it a stupid idea? I haven't gotten a chance to test it yet, but my main worry would be latency I guess. I'd be happy to hear any input. Thanks guys!