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Here you will find a collection of questions and answers which are commonly asked with regard to using logic. If there is some piece of information you think belongs here, feel free to forward suggestions to a moderator or administrator, or post about it in the Logic forum.

While this document lists out FAQs which have been gathered since the release of Logic Pro in July 2013 (called Logic Pro X back then) there are many FAQs which were listed when Logic Pro 8 and 9 were current. Here are links to those FAQs:

Logic Pro 8 FAQ

Logic Pro 9 FAQ

1. What are the system requirements for Logic Pro?

Logic Pro version 11.0.1 requires as a Minimum:

  • macOS 13.5 or later
  • Minimum 6GB of disk space. 72GB of optional content available via in-app download

  • Some history: Logic Pro X 10.1 required MacOS 10.9.5
  • Logic Pro X 10.2 required MacOS 10.10
  • Logic Pro X 10.3.0 required MacOS 10.11.6
  • Logic Pro X 10.4.2 required MacOS 10.12.6
  • Logic Pro X 10.5 required MacOS 10.14.6
  • Logic Pro 10.6.3 requires MacOS 10.15.7
  • Logic Pro 10.7.9 requires MacOS 12.3 or newer
  • Logic Pro 10.8.1 requires MacOS 13.5 or newer
  • The current version at the time of writing, June 2024, is 11.0.1, which requires MacOS 13.5 or newer
  • Logic Pro requires 64 bit Audio Units. 32 Bit AUs are no longer supported, furthermore, the 32 bit AU Bridge has been removed. While it was possible to use some 32 bit AUs with 3rd party apps such as 32 Lives, this is however no longer possible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina, which no longer supports 32 bit apps
  • Minimum 6 GB available storage space. Up to 72 GB HD/SSD space is required for a complete Installation including all Samples, Sounds, Instruments, Loops, Reverb Impulses etc.
2. Can I Upgrade from a previous Logic version?

No. Logic Pro is only available as a full version.

3. Can I leave Logic 9 installed along with Logic Pro?

Yes. It is actually possible to have both LP 9 and Logic Pro running at the same time on the same computer.

However: Since current versions of Logic Pro require at least MacOS 13.5, and Logic 9 will not run on any Mac OS version after 10.12 Sierra, this is sadly no longer an option.

4. Which older Logic Projects can I open in Logic Pro?

Logic Pro can open Logic Projects created in Logic 5-9. Older Logic project cannot be opened in Logic Pro.
Garage Band projects can be opened in Logic Pro
In order to access pre Logic 5 projects in Logic Pro, they first of all must be opened and saved in Logic 5, 6 or 7. The saved version can then be opened in Logic Pro

5. Where can I find more information about Logic Pro?

Here on Apple.com

6. How does Skip Cycle work in Logic Pro?

In earlier versions, click-hold-dragging the mouse from right to left created a skip cycle area, this now creates a normal cycle area.

Hold Ctrl-Command and drag the mouse in either direction in order to create a skip cycle area.
Aternatively, drag to create cycle area, the ctrl-comm click within that area to toggle between cycle and skip cycle.

7. Where can I access Logic Pro Documentation?

Logic Pro documentation is available in Apple Books. Alternatively, in pdf format under the following links:

8. What happened to the Capslock Keyboard?

It has been replaced by "Musical Typing", which can be toggled show/hide with the Key Command Comm+k. This can of course be changed, albeit the capslock key is no longer available.

9. What are "Advanced Tools"?

They are important, especially for any user with previous experience using Logic. Switching on Advanced Tools activates many important functions in Logic, including:

• Accessing Event, Marker, Tempo, Signature Lists and Editors

• Accessing Project Audio and the "All Files" overview

• Accessing the stepeditor (formerly Hyper-Editor)

• Customize the control bar and toolbar using additional buttons and controls

• Accessing global Marker-, Time/Key Signatures- and Beat-Mapping tracks

• Accessing the programmable Key Commands window

• Access of other settings, both universal as well as project based

• Access extra controls in the area of the track header, including the on/off switch, controls to hide and lock, track numbers and colours.

• Accessing various Editor functions in many different areas of logic such as Sampler.

• Accessing surround Functions

If Logic Pro X is installed on a computer which already had Logic Pro 8 or 9 installed, advanced tools will be switched on. For anyone else, one of the first things to do after a fresh install of Logic Pro X is to switch Advanced Tools on. This is done under: Logic Pro X -> Preferences -> Advanced Tools

10. I think I have found a problem in Logic, possibly a Bug. How can I send this to Apple?

Feedback - Logic Pro – Apple

11. I can't find some EVB3, EVP88 and EVD6 Presets, which I used in Logic 9.

http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4630?view ... cale=en_US

12. Where can I find official Apple Logic Support?

Logic Pro – Official Apple Support

13. Some Logic Plug-ins I used seem to be missing in Logic Pro. Have they been removed completely?

No, some older Plug-ins, such as Averb can under certain circumstances still be accessed:

- the old Plug-ins in previous Logic Versions such as L9 were being used in projects. If such a project is opened in Logic Pro,the Plug-ins will load.

- In order to use them in Logic Pro, press the option key when in Logic's Plug-in area. Damit wird eine Kategorie "Legacy" sichtbar. A number of older Plug-ins are still there:

Averb, Bass Amp, DeEsser, DeNoiser, Goldverb, Grooveshfiter, Guitar Amp Pro, Platinum Verb, Silver Compressor, Silver Gate, Speech enhancer.

14. An Update of Logic Pro is available. How should I best go about installing it? I definitely don't want to risk losing something I use in the current version!

Back up Logic Pro

15. How can I access Backup Files in Logic Projects?

Thanks to Clemens at logic user.de for this:

Select the Project in the FInder, then using quick view (spacebar) you will see "Load a Backup" on the right. This is followed by a selection menu.

16. Is it possible to simply "halve" the tempo of a song which contains some tempo changes?

Thanks to Petrosil at logic user.de for this:

Go to Edit -> Tempo -> Tempo Operations
In the Tempo Operations Window there is a Mode "Scale existing Tempo Changes". Choose this, then set Tempo Scale to -50%. Don't forget to set the start and Finish Positions

17. Is it possible to move Logic and MainStage Content, for example to another volume?

Yes, this is explained here:

Move Logic Pro and MainStage content

18. After Updating Logic to 10.5.1, I have some problems with some Audio Units. What can I do?

Here is a document from Apple:

If Logic Pro hangs after updating

19. Where can I find Logic Documentation?

20. How can I best use Flextime to edit and time correct multitrack drums in Logic Pro?

Record, edit, and time correct multitrack drums in Logic Pro

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21. I'm curious about Logic Pro, but not sure whether I want to buy it. Can I try it out first?

22. When using Logic Pro Summing Stacks with multiple Keyboards, how can I prevent sending MIDI to all tracks in stack?

Fuzzfilth provides this solution, along with a scripter preset "Channel Range Remap": Logic Pro - Logic Pro Summing Stacks with multiple Keyboards - Prevent sending MIDI to all tracks in stack?

23. I have been using a Unitor 8/AMT 8/MT4 for years. Are their current drivers for these MIDI interfaces?

Apple have indeed released drivers for current SoC/M1 Macs for the Unitor 8/AMT 8/MT4 Family!

24. I can't seem to find a way to acccess the environment - what happened?

Since Logic Pro 10.7.3, the window menu environment link has unfortunately been removed. However, the environment is still there, and may be accessed either by using the Key Command Comm+0 (null) or by holding the option key when opening the window menu

25. Ich have installed Logic Pro 11.0 on my Intel Mac. Chroma Glow and Stem Splitter aren't available?

Chroma Glow and Stem Splitter require an M1 or newer Mac. Also, they will not run in rosetta mode.
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