Logic Pro one on one

Hi Luggers

I'm George Leger III, author of VTC's Logic Platinum 6 tutorial, as well as Cool School Interactus Logic Starter tutorial.

Trying to figure Logic Pro out but keep getting stuck?
Need/want one on one lessons in your own studio?
Need help setting things up, what gear will help you achieve your goals, or even need help figuring out the best way to setup your studio?

A long time Logic user, I can help you get Apple Logic Express/Pro working the best for you. I have helped many successful artists get a handle on Logic's more challenging aspects, as well as helped many people understand the basics, allowing them to use Logic to achieve their musical goals!

My rates are reasonable, I can come to your location, or even teach you online using Apples own iChat!

If your interested in getting some tutoring, private message me, or send me an email via my website, www.upmusicla.com

I look forward to being of assistance...