Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro or Mainstage with Firebox


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Can someone tell me how to use Logic Pro or Mainstage with Firebox? I'm using a Macbook Pro with my Presonus Firebox but not sure how to get this to my Mesa Boogie Roadking. I tried experimenting with a small Peavey practice amp, to prevent blowing my Mesa inputs. I've tried the the Line Output, but nothing. One of the sales reps at Apple told me he uses his Mainstage performing live.
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Because it would take too long to describe it I'll tell you what to look for in the built in manual:

Set audio device to your Firebox. Make sure you have installed the drivers first

Make a new audio track and set it into record mode.

Instantiate one of the amp plug-ins by clicking on the top pop up box in the newly make track.

Play your guitar and make noise.

You could also make a live input track to do the same thing, but you would have to make it in the environment... so the track method is simpler if you haven't used Logic before.


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Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry, I sure didn't make my question very clear. Let me try again. I am currently using Logic Pro with Firebox (and Firepod). I can record tracks fine, and play back through my stereo fine. I am pretty comfortable with Logic Pro overall. What I would like to do is use Mainstage (or Logic Pro) with my live rig. I've tried connecting the line out of the Firebox directly to my guitar amp input, but there is no sound. A MAC salesman told me he uses Mainstage with his live rig. I am not sure what type of output would interface directly to the input of my guitar amp.