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Some of you Logic Pro users might know that I published my Personal Manuals for Logic Pro on my .Mac website as free pdf downloads. As part of the transition from .Mac to MobileMe, Apple will disable this month the old URL used for the .Mac websites (if you use that space and didn't see Apple's email, hurry up before your website goes dark in a few days)

Now I moved all the download links over to my new website. Although it has been a while since I wrote the last manual (I'm waiting for Logic 9), I will get back and publish some new ones describing all the cool new features in L9 ;-) . Based on the loooong wait since the last update, it looks like the next release could be a bigger one. We'll see.
All the older Logic7 manuals are still available because there are still some user on Logic7 and some of the basic functionality described in those manuals are still valid.

Here is the new link


BTW, here is a little graph that shows the release schedule of Logic Pro since version 6. You can see for yourself if you can detect a pattern. At least it looks like that Logic 9 is overdue. On the other hand Apple could surprise us all and just release v8.03 in September to be compatible with Snow Leopard.

At least it looks like that Logic 9 is overdue.

I disagree.

Forget about the point releases, which are never consistent from release to release. Take only the full releases from after the time the Emagic brand was retired:

Logic 7: October 2004
Logic 8: October 2007

At this rate, if Logic 9 were released in October 2010, it would be right on schedule. None of us know when Logic 9 might be released, but I would argue that by the above schedule, it's clearly not overdue.

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