Logic Pro Logic Pro Summing Stacks with multiple Keyboards - Prevent sending MIDI to all tracks in stack?


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Hello fellow Logic users,

There is a problem that has been preventing me from creating what I have in mind for quite some time.
I have a project in Logic (Live Loops) and I have 2 keyboards and a pedalboard which I am using simultaneously assinged to different tracks (by specifying "MIDI In Port" parameter in each track.

The great thing about summing stacks is that I play 4 instruments simultaneously, and moving to the next stack I play another 5 instruments. Everything works perfect, except for when actually looping.

When the loop I recorded with multiple tracks plays back in the summing stack, all instruments play simultaneously irregardless of their assigned MIDI port. I guess the problem is that the stack sends MIDI signals to all the tracks it contains. This does not happen when recording/monitoring, only when playing back what was recorded.

Imagine hearing a set of sounds when rehearsing/recording and hearing totally different things when the cell plays back

Would anyone have the slightest idea on how I can go around this? Maybe scripter could do it? Or maybe it is not possible at all?


I don't have the feature of assignable MIDI In Ports in my Logic version, but this is a longstanding problem and here is the solution:


- Set each of your MIDI sources to one specific MIDI channel
- Download the attached Scripter preset Channel Range Remap and put it into Users/You/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plugin Settings/Scripter
- Launch Logic
- Insert a MIDI FX plugin into each instrument, specifically the Scripter plugin
- In this Scripter plugin, load the Scripter preset Channel Range Remap
- In these three Scripters, set the ranges of incoming MIDI channels to 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3 respectively and map them all to 1

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-14 um 13.44.07.png

This makes the instruments react to MIDI on the specified channel(s) only (works just as well with but one MIDI port) and then changes these Channels back to 1, so inserted Instruments don't get confused.


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May I add that this workaround is not necessary in Logic 10.7.x, which provides individual MIDI Input Channel setting per Channel Strip?
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Not having this version/feature, I ask for clarity - does it re-channel the events on MIDI channel 2 (to distinguish instrument 2 from instrument 1) back to MIDI channel 1 (which is what the instrument 2 probably expects) ?
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