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I love my MacBook Pro with Logic Studio 2 and 10.5.8.....HOWEVER....:brkwl:
I'd really like to have a version of Logic Pro that will run on my ancient G4 with
a Gigadesigns accellerator....Why you ask ???
I have this TDM Pro Tools system 6.4.1 on this G4 running 10.3.9....Very stable and I can do all my recording & editing in this environment.
If I had a Logic Pro version for this environment, I could hook up the Yamaha Motif XS with the firewire Mlan and have 16 outputs into Logic PRo...On that G4...That way I wouldn't need to use the laptop.....I can make it all work with the laptop but it is a royal P.I.T.A.:angryfire:
Apple support had no information to offer on legacy products...of course...their answer was why not buy a new QuadCore Desktop...loaded up ???...sure ....if I could win the lottery I would !
A version of Logic that would work would be V6 or maybe V7. So, do you have a Logic Key? If not, it won't work. You must have one to use any version of Logic before 8.

If you have a Logic key, you most likely have a V7 installer disc. If so, you can download a Logic 7.2.3 here:


BTW that actually is the apple web site, and they do offer the last updates for V7.0 up

good luck...

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