Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro with Lexicon Omega Interface


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Hello all! I just made the switch to both a Mac and the Logic Pro software. Just one problem...Logic does not seem to be acknowledging my Lexicon Omega interface, so I have yet to be able to record apart from the mic on the actual laptop. According to Lexicon, the Omega is compatible with Logic Pro and Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this? I am arming the track to record as well as assigning input 1 (where mic is plugged into interface) and stereo output (output 1-2).

Please help so I can get recording with this awesome new software!

1) You installed the correct drivers, right?
2) In the Audio preference panner, you selected the Lexicon as your audio device?

If these are both done, let us know,
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I guess the 3rd times a charm, because I just opened the program to check on both of those and Logic recognized the interface! Thanks so much for the response.
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