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A difficult question (to me anyway).

I would want to use Vienna Ensemble Pro within Logic Pro X, because it's simply easy to prepare a whole score or section in one VE instance, so that you could save it for later use.
Apart from that, I work with Notion4 to write down my scores. After the writing, I export the score in midi channels to import into Logic for further editing.

Now, I would want to link the midi channels to the VE instance (a VST instrument in Logic on 1 track with various channels).

Here's my question: How could I link the midi channels from Notion to the VE instance track in Logic?

Not sure to understand your question but creating template could make the setting of a project retrievable more easily...
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VE Pro instance within Logic Pro X

Hi Atlas,

Thank you for your reply. Of course I have prepared a VE Pro instance (template) with all the necessary instruments, each of them on its own channel.
This is not a Logic Pro template. The advantage of such a procedure is, that I can re-use the orchestral VE Pro instance in different contexts: in Logic, but in my notation program as well and still in other applications, without having to remake them every time.

My question now is: how can I link the VE-Pro channels to the midi channels (coming from my notation program and inserted in Logic as separate tracks per instrument)? I have tried a lot of possibilities, but so far none of them worked. See image:

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You're going to have to spend some time with both manuals. Look up multi-timbral Software Instrument Tracks in Logic. First step is to change the EXS24 to VE Pro in Logic.
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I already know that. The example isn't the best, but Idid change the EXS24 into Vienna Ensemble Pro (16 channels). But still then, the midi channels do not respond to the VE instance (which is the multitimbral instrument, not even when I changed all the midi channels into VE Pro channels. When I take the VE pro instrument (A) for every channel, they all play on all channels and mess up the chosen instrument articulations for their own particular channel. That is exactly why I called for a little help.
The solution is probably simple, but i'm pretty new to Logic (and to any DAW, I've never used them before), and therefore not so familiar with the way Logic is constructed.

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Oops I misread the screenshot a bit on my little phone.

So you have VE Pro Server open with an instance with all your strings, and it is connected to a multitimbral instrument track in Logic already.

There are a few ways to do it, but here's one.

When you checked the box for multitimbral (not to be confused with Multi-output 16 x stereo when you select VE Pro as a plugin) when you created the track, type in the number of channels you need (in this case 7, but it doesn't hurt to add more). It will auto-create 7 tracks, each with different ascending MIDI channels. When you insert VEP onto the track, everything should connect perfectly. Then you can drag your MIDI regions to the new tracks and discard the old tracks you have in there now..

What happens if you put a MIDI region on your VEP instrument track you have in there now? Do you get anything? And if you change the MIDI channel on that track, do you get your other VEP tracks?
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Hi pkm,

Thanks for your reply. By the time you sent your message, I had discovered the mistake that I made.

Actually (as I expected in fact) the solution was pretty simple. I just did it the wrong way (the other way around). I started by opening logic with my midi file (Open with Logic Pro X..) and added afterwards the VD instance. Than, I distributed the same instance over the midi channels. That didn't work at all. It played, but everything on channel 1, all with the same instrument...
So I deleted this setup and restarted a new one, beginning with setting up a mutitmbral software instrument with 8 channels. To these channels, I added the notation export midi file to channel 1 and Logic distributed all 7 to the existing channels. The only thing I have to check out now is whether all channels are in the proper place (e.g. is Violin 1 set to channel 1 as it is in the VE Pro instance)? I guess it will be right, but that would be a problem if it was not. Easy to change.

Thanks for your efforts!

You told something about other possibilities to realise such a setup. Could you explain briefly what you mean? My first setup (as in the screenshot) didn't work at all.

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Problem solved.

Using VE Pro was a waste of time. I've made saved versions of all the used instruments (VI Pro) and set them as software instruments within Logic Pro. The I've saved the Logic Project as an orchestral template.

Thanks to everybody who tried to help me out.

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