Logic Pro Logic Pro X creating MIDI regions with no input from me.


Trying to bounce some midi tracks to audio in order to convert everything to audio to export to a Pro Tools session in another studio. Been doing this for years. I usually create a MIDI region at the start of each track so that all the audio bounces will start at zero.

So i start this process, and suddenly, out of nowhere, Logic starts creating MIDI regions on it's own. Wherever the playhead is located. Whatever track it's on. If I delete it right away, another one is created in about three seconds. There appears to be no workaround. I'm unable to even bounce a track in place, because before I give the command, another little region is created, and that is the only thing that bounces.

This is driving me insane! I've restarted the computer half a dozen times. Turned off the MIDI interface and all external synths. I've gone back to a previous saved version of the session and STILL it continues to happen.

Anybody got any ideas?
What a maddening mess!
No clue why this is happening but I do have two thoughts...
1. Instead of just adding a MIDI region at the start of each track, take the extra step of joining the regions together as one via the letter 'J' (Join per track which is in the Bounce and Join contextual menu). Does the change to out of control region generating behavior?

2. Begin with a new Empty project. Use the Import data from another project option to import the problem project into the empty project. The process is described in the second section here


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